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Are You Ready to Consume a Feast of Pathogens and Parasites? Globalists Say YES!

So, the global elites have finally come up with a solution to all our problems: eat crickets! That’s right, folks. It seems that our beloved leaders have decided that we need to become walking petri dishes for all the pathogens and parasites out there, and the perfect “armor” for these unwanted guests is the exoskeleton of crickets. Chitin, the main component of this exoskeleton, is the perfect coat for the diseases to hide under, and the globalists want us to be the ones providing it to them.

“What a fantastic idea,” one might say. “Let’s just provide the pathogens and parasites with a comfortable home inside our bodies and watch as they happily spread diseases and wreak havoc on our health.” And let’s not forget the added bonus of feeding the next potential pandemic exactly what it needs to survive and thrive. Genius!


The globalists claim that the consumption of crickets will save the planet from global warming or “climate change,” but all it will do is put us directly in harm’s way and add to the evil agenda of depopulating the planet. It’s no surprise, considering the elite 1% of the 1% are known for being genocidal maniacs.

But wait, there’s more! Eating insects like crickets, ants, beetles, caterpillars, and even slugs can also cause severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. And let’s not forget the bible’s warning about flying insects that walk on all fours being detestable. Yet, the globalists want us to ignore all that and chow down on these creepy crawlies.


But don’t worry, Amazon is here to help! They’re now promoting and selling crickets in many forms, including freeze-dried and powder form, to make it easier for us to consume these little disease carriers. So go ahead, grab a bag of crunchy chitin-filled cricket exoskeletons and join the globalists’ fight against healthy food!

So, are you ready to consume a feast of pathogens and parasites? The globalists sure hope so. Tune in to TrueGritNews.com for more updates on the latest bugs, worms, and parasites the globalists want us to eat instead of actual nutritious food. Yum!

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