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The West is Just Sending Ukraine to its Death!

Oh sure, let’s just keep sending our troops and resources to a country that’s losing the war 8 times faster than its opponent. That sounds like a fantastic plan.

According to a report by Turkish newspaper Hurdesa Haber, a staggering 157,000 Ukrainian soldiers, 2,458 foreign fighters, 5,360 “mercenaries,” and 234 “NATO military trainers” from the United States and United Kingdom have died in Ukraine since the start of the 2022 Invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24 of last year. Meanwhile, only 18,480 Russian soldiers are believed to have been killed in the same period. And people say Russian propaganda is a thing?


In addition to the overwhelming disparity in fatalities, over 5.9 million civilians have been displaced as a result of the conflict. Ukraine has also lost 302 aircraft, 212 helicopters, 2,750 UAVs, 6,320 tanks and armored vehicles, 7,360 artillery systems, and 497 Air defense systems. Meanwhile, 234,000 Ukrainian soldiers are injured and another 17,230 are held as prisoners of war. And Russia? They’ve lost 23 planes, 56 helicopters, 200 UAVs, 889 tanks and armored vehicles, 427 artillery systems, and 12 Air defense systems. And they’ve only got 44,500 injured soldiers and 323 held as prisoners of war.

But despite all this, the West remains resolute in its commitment to Ukraine. They’re currently debating sending long-range missiles to the country, after recently agreeing to send dozens of tanks over the next few years. Because why not just pour more resources into a losing battle?


The conflict began on February 24 of last year after a years-long standoff between Russia and Ukraine over disputed territories in the eastern part of the country known as the Donbass. Russia claims it invaded to protect ethnic Russians from imminent Ukrainian state violence, while Kiev and its allies maintain that the invasion was unprovoked. But who needs the truth when you’ve got a good story to sell, right?

In conclusion, the West’s commitment to Ukraine is nothing short of a joke. Sending more resources and troops to a country that’s losing the war 8 times faster than its opponent is just irresponsible. But hey, what do we know? We’re just the sarcastic news outlet reporting on the situation.

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